Saturday, 23 September 2017


I think it's time to let go of this blog...  Honestly I can't even keep up with it.  I would love to continue with it I really would but let's be really.  I barely post on it and when I do, I don't even think there's much quality to the post.  I will however, start blog posting on my business website.

Thank you to everyone who stuck around reading my random rants and style posted.  That eventually transitioned into a photography blog.

I would love your continued support on my website though!



  1. Hey, what made you think like that? Anything bad happened? I really want to see your future blogs and have some great posts too. Hope you will be back

  2. Will miss you! My husband and I had our wedding reception at this place. It was absolutely perfect! The manager and his staff from DC wedding venues were excellent and wonderful to work with. You won't be able to find more for your money.


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