Saturday, 13 May 2017


Graduation season is coming up fast and if you're looking for that perfect gift and have no idea what to get him or her, I'm going to give some ideas in my next couple of posts starting with this one.

Why not a watch from Jord Wood Watches.  I can tell you that these watches are beautiful.  I have 2 of them myself and I love them.  They are beautifully handcrafted from Acacia, Bamboo, Maple and Koa wood just to name a few.  This watch in particular is from the Conway series and is made of walnut wood.

A wooden watch would be a great addition to anyones wardrobe.  These watches can be worn dressed up or worn casually.  You can't go wrong.  On top of that not only are you getting a great watch.  I LOVE the packaging.  Of course you can expect the packaging to be wood.  Naturally you can store your watch in it or like me I use it for other jewelry. 

Trust me on this you can't go wrong getting one of these watch as a gift for that graduate.

Get my watch here
Shop the Mens Jord Wood Watch Collections here
Shop the Women's Jord Wood Watch Collections here


  1. I absolutely love watches and though I have tons of it but I would still want this piece of addition. I am graduating soon and will ask my mom to give me this. hehe

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