Sunday, 26 February 2017

Photography | Cold Front

I took these while I was in Winnipeg for work in 2014.  I didn't really post them anywhere other than on my instagram account.  So since I'm reformatting (I guess) what I'm posting on here, I may as well back track a little bit to show you guys what type of photography I specialize in.  Which I can tell you right now that it's natural light portrait photography.  I'd consider it my strength.  My weakness or we can call it my opportunity is flash/strobe photography.  Thank goodness one of my business partners or both of them are better at it than I am.

We're a pretty good trio of photographers I'd have to say.  3 different styles.  We each have our own strengths.  As cheesy as it's going to sound.  We balance each other out and it works in favour of our business.

For the next couple of posts I will most likely be taking a trip through memory lane.

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