Wednesday, 22 June 2016

My Style | F R E S H & C L E A N

Can you believe I've never owned a pair of chinos this colour before?  Like I mean for real, why haven't I?  Could be the fact that I don't normally wear bright colours that often or in general.  Although I have decided that this season I would brighten up my wardrobe.  In the past I had a tendency to just wear a lot of black because it's just so easy.

I've let that go and started to introduce more colours and prints into my life.  You'll see.


k bye!
Jace =)

oh P.S. You'll notice a lot of hat wearing cause I'm in need of a haircut...  No time.

Hat | LIDS
T-shirt & Blazer | H&M
Trousers | ZARA
Lapel Pin | EBAY
Necklace | PYRRHA

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