Saturday, 12 September 2015


I'm seriously loving my hair colour right now.  My hair stylist did an amazing job!  Sure he had to bleach my hair 3 times and tone it twice but the colour is amazing.  Let me just tell you if you've never bleached your hair...  1, it dries it out like crazy and 2, It burns your scalp a bit.  It was the first toner that burned like crazy!  It was kinda painful!  Which he said is normal.  But damn!  My scalp was on fire!!  Anyway, here are some photos of the process.  They're actually screen shots of video footage for my youtube channel.  You can watch it tomorrow.


The photos above were the first and second bleaching.  I definitely did not want the yellow and orange tones...

Above is the third bleaching.  My stylist Joesph said if we had time he would have done a 4th to get my hair even closer to white.  You can kind of see the ends were still a bit orange.

You can't tell in the picture above but I was in solo much pain!  I mean it was bearable but it was burning like crazy!  Which apparently is normal.  I don't really have any photos of what the final toner looked like, but I actually liked what the burning toner colour looked like after he washed it out, it was a bit lighter than the end result.  Maybe next time, and yes there will be a next time.  As much as it burned it got rid of all the yellow and orange tones in my hair.

Anyhow here's the final result which I LOVE!

I definitely recommend Joesph to anyone who lives in Vancouver or near Metrotown mall.  Visit him at the AURA AT SETS SALON on the bottom floor near the bus terminal.

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