Thursday, 27 November 2014

My Style | As The Rain Falls

I was able to get in a quick shoot this week which was good cause I really want to be able to continue to post at least once a week if not twice a week on my blog.

A N Y W A Y.

Well the rain is going to be around for a while.  Living in Vancouver, this I S the time of year where the majority of days are going to be grey, gloomy, and wet.  I figured why not brighten my day at least with my outfit.  When I first moved here 7 years ago I was told that Vancouverites get depressed very quickly because of how much rain we get and how grey it is a lot of the time.  I mean it makes sense.  The sun makes most people happy or feel happy and rain and grey skys make some people feel down, tired or depressed.  S O I'm avoiding that by brigtening up my fall/winter wardrobe with a pop of colour!  The sweatshirt I'm wearing is not exactly pink and it's not exactly purple.  I don't know but putting it on today made me feel great even with the crumby weather.

Circle Scarf, Blazer & Sweatshirt H&M | Yankees Fitted Cap LIDS
Distressed Denim AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS | Low Top Converse BROWNS
Pyrrha Necklace BLUE RUBY | Arrow Necklace FOREVER 21 | Chrome Bracelet EBAY

Photos by B R I D G E T tardif

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