Monday, 24 November 2014

From Where I Stand 0.5 | B A L A N C E

W E L L, this is different.  Actually, not really.  It's just more picture heavy.  I'm playing catch up since I missed last weeks "F R O M W H E R E I S T A N D."  If you follow any of my other social media like instagram for instance you've already see these photos.  Basically go follow my instagram account and you'll get a great preview of what's coming to my blog.  =D

A N Y W A Y,

The past week I've been obsessed with wearing my fitted baseball caps.  Maybe it's due to the fact that I need a haircut oooorrr maybe I was intrigued by a look I saw someone sporting.  She, Yes she, was very well put together.  Heels, black slim/fitted trousers, a very nice peacoat and a fitted baseball cap.  It worked so well on her, I'm not even gonna lie I had a split second lady crush on her.  Then quickly was like, yeah I just want to dress her up and do her hair.  Not that she needed my help.

Ok so it's not exactly...  No, not at all a new look or a look I've never seen before but for some reason, this time around I decided that I'm gonna do it myself.  I went through a phase of keeping the rim/bill completely flat and now (as of 2 days ago) I'm all for bending them the way they should be.  They fit my head sooo much better now!

Throwing something so casual into the mix of an outfit that leans more towards more dressy can be tricky so it's all about balance.  The last 2 photos in row 3, I'm wearing dress shoes, black trousers, and a white sweater.  I threw on a denim jacket to relax the look with my Pirates fitted and a blanket scarf for good measure.


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