Thursday, 2 October 2014

My Style | The Sun Goes Down

Hello folks!  I hope everyone is having a great week!

Fall is officially here and I couldn't be happier!  I can actually start layering and the first sign of a crisp fall breeze, I do.  Also with fall here it starts to get darker earlier and it's the perfect time to catch that beautiful golden hour with out having to get up really early or stay up relatively late, I mean 8-9 isn't really late but if you're doing a shoot during the week it kind of is...?

When I was picking out my look I was thinking monochromatic but then it was just too much it was definitely turning into a very, I'm gonna go hide in the forest wearing all this green kinda look.  So I broke it up with denim and some black.

Layering a denim vest under my jacket was a lot easier than layering a full denim jacket underneath it, for comforts sake.  No sleeves bunching up.  Beneath that I have on a longer tee from Top Shop that I asked my friend to alter because I'm currently obsessed with longer tees but with rounded hems and can't seem to find any so I get them custom made from her.

3/4 Length Jacket H&M (similar here) | Denim Vest & Trousers OLD NAVY | Longer Tee TOP MAN (here)
Skeleton Key Necklace & Beaded Bracelet H&M
Watch MICHAEL KORS (here) | Talisman Necklace PYRRHA (here)

Photos by Jeremy Santos


  1. Amazing military tendency !!!! so cool.


  2. Great look, military green rocks ✌ , dope necklaces !!


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