Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Talk is Cheap | Dear Anonymous.

This was fun to answer!

How is this fashion? tshirts and pants from big box cheap retailers.

So firstly let me guess. You think "fashion" is spending your money and dressing yourself in designer brands from head to toe. Casting away anything that comes from a "big box cheap retailer" and doesn't have a designer name on it. If that's not the way you think, my bad. In this case, I'm still gonna go with that's how your mind works at this point.

Any fashion/STYLE enthusiast is always open to wearing and shopping from any store, may it be a cheap retailer, a thrift store or your high end name brands. Mixing and matching all items to create a look for themselves taking inspiration from those name brands and creating a style of their own that just plain might be more affordable. Let's face it. Not everyone can afford name brand/designer clothes or accessories or even choose to spend their hard earned money or mom and dads money on those things.

My blog is about my personal STYLE. The way I put things together, the way I want it. May it be "cheap retailers" or name brand. It's about my personal self expression. You might not like it because my pieces may be "cheap" but it is still a form of fashion.

So think about that comment and question again, "how is this fashion? tshirt and pants from big box cheap retailers." Open your mind, step off the runway and take a look at what those "big box cheap retailers" have to offer you fashion wise. If you don't see it you're missing out on many fashion opportunities and may want to take a look at your own personal style.

And lastly, anonymous? Really? You can post such a close minded comment but not even have the guts to say who you are. Yeah. I put you on blast.

Thanks for the comment! Have an awesome week!

Oh yeah here's a preview of this weeks post.  $9.95 sweater.  Dun dun dun...  LOL!

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