Tuesday, 16 September 2014

runjaceruninc x jurgenlovesyou

Hello folks!

I haven't seen this friend of mine for more than 5 years, 7 years actually.  He lives in Toronto, I live in Vancouver.  Luckily we were reunited for the opening of the first H&M store here in Winnipeg and because I always have my camera on hand and with his experience with modeling for photos, we decided to get in a couple of shoots while we had the opportunity.  The best part is since we're friends it was so easy to work with him!  Hopefully it doesn't take another 7 years to see him again!

Jurgen it was great seeing you!!  Miss you already!

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To see other photos of Jurgen visit my photography blog here

Alright, talk to you guys in a couple of days!

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