Thursday, 18 September 2014

My Style | 1981

Obviously!  Hello folks!  Hope you're all doing well.

1981 & all black.  Originally I actually had a denim vest on with this look but it looked to similar to a post from a couple of months back so I opted to drop it.  The setting is not exactly what I was looking for but in a pinch it had to do.


I was suprised when I put this sweater on cause it's really soft and for a sweater that only cost me $9.95 softness is a big surprise.  I went for a comfy look today just cause the weather has been getting colder here in Winnipeg and even wearing this sweater I should have put on another layer cause I was freezing.  All black...  Just because.

Sweater + Cargo Pants H&M | Beanie ALDO ACCESSORIES | Necklace BLUE RUBY

Photos by Jeremiah Santos

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