Saturday, 16 August 2014

My Style | NY 28

So much for what I said in my last style post...  Here is another casual look.  First of all, if you noticed the drawing below, I don't like colouring in black just cause you won't see the details in my drawings.  Sooo...


Almost all black on a hot day.  Luckily I work indoors and I'm always in air conditioning (Bless whoever made the air conditioner).  I actually ended up buying the hoodie I'm wearing the morning of this shoot cause I was cold.  This is the most black I've worn in a very long time.  I remember going to work one day and someone I used to work with was like, "Why don't you ever wear any colour??" I had no answer for her.  I was just always drawn to darker coloured clothes.  Black, charcoal, and navy blue.  But because of that comment I rarely wear all black these days.

I'd like to be able to tell you where I get inspiration or how I decide to put an outfit together but in reality it's mostly about how I feel or what mood I'm in, in the morning.

I feel like one day I should film a "day in the life of runjacerun" video and show you what I do to get ready for my day picking my outfit getting ready and then also when I go shopping...  Oh wait, I kinda already do that.  I just haven't filmed one in about 3 months now.  Check out runjaceruntv (shameless plug..)

Alright.  Hope you guys are having a good week!

Ok Bye!


 Floral 28 Shirt ZARA | Hooded Sweater & Shorts H&M
Woven Roches NIKE | Fitted Cap LIDS

Photos by Frances Ignacio

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