Thursday, 21 August 2014

My Style | End of Summer

Hello Folks!

I might be just a little too excited that the possibility of extremely hot weather is over.  I mean really it's only mid August...  But I choose to look at the bright side, the bright side being that I'm not a summer guy.  Yeah well, it means that Fall is just about a month away.  A month and 2 days to be exact (September 23).  Even then, who knows what the weather will be like these days.

Anyway, let's get to the look.

Consider this my last hurrah to summer cause I just really want it to be fall.  I've had these shorts for a while now.  I'm pretty sure I've only worn them once prior to this post, aaannnd I also have the matching shirt but thought it may be a little to wild for me to put the combination together.  So instead of the head to toe floral, I decided to go with a linen shirt that matched the shade of green in the shorts pretty good.  To amp up the look just a bit more I threw on my denim vest.  I think it gives the look a bit more balance instead of drawing your eyes straight to my shorts, it gives you more things to look at.  Besides I'm probably gonna start incorporating it in more, so get ready for it.

Linen Shirt & Floral Shorts H&M | Denim Vest OLD NAVY (DIY)
Bag ZARA | Jade Bracelet GIFT

Photo Credit:  Bridget Tardif

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