Wednesday, 30 July 2014

My Style | Tropical Fall (Pre Fall 2014)

I had the opportunity to shoot in an beautiful indoor location.  This photo set is probably my favourite  I've ever done.  I mean it gave me the chance to put on some fall clothes and layer up.  The best part is I can layer this printed sweater I picked up from H&M Mens Trend.  I love it!  It's a very subtle print.  I personally like the white print on the heather grey and it's actually a very light sweater.


Slim fit cargo pants.  Sure they've existed for awhile but I've always had problems wearing slim leg anything cause I have VERY muscular calves (thank you leg day and running).  Actually I think the running is starting to tone them down just enough that slim leg anything are no long my enemy.  Is that a thing?? Lol.

Of course I'm wearing my favourite denim jacket.  I've had this thing for a very long time.  It's been with me through thick and thin.  Literally!  Through my weight gain and now my weight loss.  I've had this thing for almost a decade.  I will be very sad the day it starts to fall apart.

I love my new shoes!  That is all.  Lol!

Anyway!  Thanks for reading!  Enjoy the rest of my photos!

Don't have a great day!  Be a great day!

LOL...  I'm trying something new...

Ok bye.

Tropical Print Sweater H&M MENS TREND | Denim Jacket GAP | Bag ZARA
Shoes NIKE ROCHE WOVEN | Slim Fit Cargo Pants H&M

Photos by Frances Ignacio

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  1. Damn, 10 years?! Gap isn't playing around with their quality, huh? Love the shoes too!

    xxxo from San Francisco,





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