Thursday, 19 June 2014

My Style | Mint Condition

Blazer Zara | Floral Print Shirt & Shorts H&M | Handbag Forever 21
Shoes Browns | Necklace Blue Ruby

Photo by Britney C

I've been a little busy and also I've been away from home for the past 3 weeks so I haven't been able to get in a regular shoot.  A friend of mine took this picture of me on my iPhone so that at least I'd have something to post.


I think this is actually one of my favourite outfits I've put together on my blog.  It's the colour combination or maybe it's my favourite shirt.  No maybe it's the blazer.  Whatever it is, the key piece for me is the blazer.

This blazer in particular is very casual but can still be dressed up, although I wouldn't go as far as wearing it to a black tie event.  I've worn this blazer with jeans, shorts (above obviously), and black trousers.  Worn it with sneakers, loafers and dress shoes.  T-shirts and button down shirts...  The list goes on.  Expect it in more looks.

Point is (and this is just my opinion), everyone should have at least 1 blazer and 1 suit jacket in their closet.  (Suit jacket? Yes!  There is a difference.  I'll get to that in a second.)  A blazer for casual to semi formal events or everyday wear and a suit jacket (with matching pants) for strictly formal events.

What is the difference between a blazer and a suit jacket?

A blazer is usually a bit more casual, has a softer construction and usually has patch pockets.  Just like the blazer you see me wearing above.  It can have the breast pocket or not.

A suit jacket usually comes with matching pants (I would recommend buying) that are the exact same colour as the suit jacket.  They are usually made with finer materials (not always the case).  The pockets usually have a flap closure.

I would definitely recommend having one of each in your closet.  If not, at least a suit jacket with matching pants.  You can still go casual with a suit jacket.  A lot of retailers offer you both these days at very reasonable prices.  Take a look here or here

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