Sunday, 4 May 2014

Fashion & Style Blog | The Reset Button

I've decided to start my blog from scratch.  With spring here I thought a fresh new start would be a good idea, even though I've had so many different blogs in the past and I can never really just stick to one and keep it one format and yada yada yada...  I've gone from blogging my photography to my youtube channel to who know what else.  Speaking of photography you can visit runjacerun photography < click the link.


This blog...  I've made a final decision on what I'm gonna focus in on.  Fashion.  I know there are so many different fashion and style blogs out there but I've always wanted to start one.  I've just never been confident enough to post head to toe photos of myself.

Most of my life I've been on the heavier side and in reality I still am.  I've been up and down in weight in the past 10 years.  The thinest I've been was when I lived in Toronto 7 years ago and I started gaining weight when I moved to Vancouver where I live now.  But...  In the past year and a bit I've been hitting the gym, running and eating much healthier.  Just living a healthier lifestyle in general.  I've dropped 45 lbs (and still going) and feeling more confident about my body.

Right, so back to what I was actually talking about.  A Fashion & LifeStyle Blog.  I've always liked fashion.  High end, low end, vintage, bargain, thrifted... pretty much anything.  It's how you put things together.  Prints, patterns, and textures.

Alright, well here we go!

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