Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My Style | Light Stripes

Stripes.  I was kinda worried about wearing this shirt or any shirt with stripes actually.  You know what they say about horizontal stripes.  They make you look wider and that's not exactly what I'm going for here.  Anyway.  This shirt came in at H&M and I was really drawn to it for some reason.  There may have been someone on Lookbook that inspired me to get a shirt with stripes and put together look together.  Hope you guys like it.

You can get the shirt at H&M for $14.95 (CDN) See it here and it also comes in over colours.

Photos By Frances I

Striped Shirt H&M
Denim Jacket Gap
Jersey Shorts H&M
Sunglasses Little Burgundy
Infinity Bracelet Handmade By runjacerun
Tote Bag Zara
Anchor Ankle Bracelet Handmade By runjacerun

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