Thursday, 29 May 2014

My Style | Into The Wilderness

I have been on a hunt for a very long time to find a denim vest that I like the wash.  Though to be honest the wash of this one isn't exactly what I want it's close enough.  It could stand to be a bit more tailored but for the price I paid and where I got it who cares.  Old Navy.  I think I've only bought maybe a total of 5 things there ever.


Now if you haven't figured it out yet I'm not one to spend too much money on anything unless I ABSOLUTELY have to have it.  A denim vest, as much as I've been hunting for one, was just not at the top of my list of drop the dollars on items.

You'll probably see this vest in more post styled in different ways.  If you'd like to see it styled a certain way let me know.

Denim Vest Old Navy Denim Jacket (Sleeves cut off) | Short Sleeve Sweatshirt & Trousers H&M
Low Top Converse Browns | Sunnies Little Burgundy | Infinity Bracelet runjacerun

Photos By Frances Ignacio

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