Monday, 26 May 2014

My Style | Floral Explosion

Well it's not really a surprise at this point, another floral piece to add to my closet.  I'd say this is it, but that's a lie.  There will definitely be more.  I thought it was the perfect time to bring this jacket out on a gloomy Vancouver day.  Since the jacket itself is pretty busy I thought I'd tone it down by putting it together with more basic pieces.  An oxford shirt and flat front trousers.


This jacket though.  I was in love with one from Zara that had roses all over it and looks pretty much like your grandmothers couch.  I was close to picking it up then I started to notice it everywhere.

I'd say that one of the problems buying pieces with bold prints is that once you wear it, everyone recognizes it everytime single time you wear it even if you only throw it on once every few months.  But really, if you like it, then who cares.  Do what you want.

I do.

Floral Print Jacket H&M | Oxford Shirt Gap | Flat Front Trousers H&M | High Top Converse Browns

Photos By Frances I

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