Sunday, 18 May 2014

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My friend told me about this jacket and I had to have it.  I don't even know what to tell you about it.  It's light weight, got this all over print, and I just love it.  It's something I normally wouldn't really wear but I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone...  To an extent.  I don't know when the last time was that I wore something with this much of a print on it.  It works though...  I'd like to think.

And in other news I'm also bringing back ankle bracelets.  I don't care what anyone has to say about it.  I mean they're already coming back.  Funny thing is I mentioned it to another friend of mine and then we went to forever 21 and what are they selling, ankle bracelets!  Yeah.  Ankle bracelets.  Deal with it.

Photos By Frances I

Print Jacket H&M Mens Trend
Bruce Skull Tee Cheap Monday from Plenty
Jersey Shorts H&M
Low Top Converse Browns
Watch Michael Kors
Pyrrha "Harmony" Necklace Blue Ruby
Anchor Ankle Bracelet Handmade runjacerun

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